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MYRF Is a Membrane-Associated Transcription Factor That Autoproteolytically Cleaves to Directly Activate Myelin Genes

Figure 3

MYRF binds to regions of the genome surrounding oligodendrocyte enriched/myelin genes.

(A) Number of the neuron-, astrocyte-, and oligodendrocyte-specific genes (from [10], 200 genes per list) with 1, 2, or ≥3 MYRF peaks detected within 100 kb of their TSS. (B) Pie charts showing the proportion of oligodendrocyte-, astrocyte-, or neuron-specific genes that have MYRF binding sites detected within 1 kb, 20 kb, or 100 kb upstream of the TSS, within the gene or downstream of the 3′ UTR (but still within 100 kb of the TSS). (C) Histograms showing the incidence of MYRF peaks relative to the TSS of either an unbiased list of rat Refseq genes (17,090 genes) or the neuron-, astrocyte-, or oligodendrocyte-specific genes. A modest increase in the incidence of MYRF binding is detectable proximal to the TSS of the unbiased gene list; a more pronounced increase in MYRF binding is observed around the TSS of oligodendrocyte-specific genes.

Figure 3