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The Cell Cycle Timing of Centromeric Chromatin Assembly in Drosophila Meiosis Is Distinct from Mitosis Yet Requires CAL1 and CENP-C

Figure 1

Cell cycle timing of CID assembly in mitotic tissues.

(A) Changes in the amount of CID at centromeres during mitosis in nonstem brain cells. Larval brains were fixed and stained with anti-CID antibody (green) and DNA is stained with DAPI (red). Scale bar: 5 µM. (B) Quantification of total centromeric CID fluorescence intensity per nucleus in stages of mitosis in dividing nonstem brain cells. Condensed chromatin at metaphase and anaphase results in a reduction in antibody penetration. Bars, standard errors. Values are normalized to the interphase average. N = 318 total cells. N = 171, interphase; 35, prophase; 52, metaphase; 21, anaphase; 39, telophase/early G1. Scale bar: 5 µM. (C) Live imaging of a nonstem brain cell from anaphase into early G1 phase expressing GFP-CID (green) and the chromatin marker H2Av-RFP (red). Time elapsed is shown in minutes. Circle indicates the initiation of CID assembly between 6 and 12 min after anaphase onset. Scale bar: 3 µM. (D) Quantification of total centromeric GFP-CID fluorescence intensity per nucleus from live imaging of dividing nonstem brain cells in larvae (n = 9 movies). Time elapsed in minutes after anaphase onset is shown on the x-axis, and fold increase in total centromeric GFP-CID intensity per nucleus is shown on the y-axis. Bars, standard errors.

Figure 1