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Small Heat Shock Proteins Potentiate Amyloid Dissolution by Protein Disaggregases from Yeast and Humans

Figure 5

Hsp26 and Hsp42 inhibit cross-seeding by Rnq1 fibers.

NM (2 µM) was incubated at 25°C for 16 h with or without Rnq1 fibers (10% or 20% wt/wt) without agitation in the absence or presence of BSA (3 µM), Hsp26 (3 µM), Hsp42 (3 µM), or Hsp26 (1.5 µM) and Hsp42 (1.5 µM). Fibrillization was measured by ThT fluorescence. Values represent means±SD (n = 3).

Figure 5