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Genome-Wide Analysis of the World's Sheep Breeds Reveals High Levels of Historic Mixture and Strong Recent Selection

Figure 1

Geographic origin of breed development and diversity.

Breeds were genotyped from the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the domestication centre in present-day Iran and Turkey (referred to throughout as South-West Asia). The majority of breeds genotyped were developed in Europe (given in detail at right). Breed names and their abbreviations are given in Table S1. Marker heterozygosity within each breed compared against increasing physical distance from the domestication centre. Breeds used during SNP discovery are shown using filled circles. Haplotype sharing at 25–50 Kb between Merinos and other breeds (Figure S8) was plotted against heterozygosity to reveal a major influence of Merino admixture on the genetic diversity of European breeds. Breed-specific values for expected heterozygosity and haplotype sharing are given in Table S4 to allow identification of populations with outlier values.

Figure 1