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A User's Guide to the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE)

Figure 5

Occupancy of transcription factors and RNA polymerase 2 on human chromosome 6p as determined by ChIP-seq.

The upper portion shows the ChIP-seq signal of five sequence-specific transcription factors and RNA Pol2 throughout the 58.5 Mb of the short arm of human chromosome 6 of the human lymphoblastoid cell line GM12878. Input control signal is shown below the RNA Pol2 data. At this level of resolution, the sites of strongest signal appear as vertical spikes in blue next to the name of each experiment (“BATF,” “EBF,” etc.). More detail can be seen in the bottom right portion, where a 116 kb segment of the HLA region is expanded; here, individual sites of occupancy can be seen mapping to specific regions of the three HLA genes shown at the bottom, with asterisks indicating binding sites called by peak calling software. Finally, the lower left region shows a 3,500 bp region around two tandem histone genes, with RNA Pol2 occupancy at both promoters and two of the five transcription factors, BATF and cFos, occupying sites nearby. Selected annotations from the ENCODE Gene Annotations are shown in each case.

Figure 5