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Predation upon Hatchling Dinosaurs by a New Snake from the Late Cretaceous of India

Figure 5

Titanosaur sauropod hatchling and egg.

(A) Photograph of block GSI/GC/2904, showing elements of the anterior thorax and forelimb of the hatchling. The images at right are radial (B) and tangential (C) sections through an eggshell fragment removed from titanosaur egg 3 (from block GSI/GC/2905). External is towards the top in (B). hu, Humerus; il, incremental lines; n, node; pc, pore canal; ra, radius; ri, rib; sc, scapula; su, shell unit. Scale bar equals 2 cm for (A) and 500 ┬Ám for (B and C).

Figure 5