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Genome Sequence of the Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum

Figure 6

Transposable element copy identity distribution.

We show the mean identities of (A) TE copies in the pea aphid genome to their consensus reference sequence, (B) LTR super-families, and (C) TIR super-families. The consensus reference TE sequences contain the most frequent nucleotide at each base position and are thus approximations of the ancestral TE sequences, correcting for mutations affecting a small number of copies. Hence, the identity here is a proxy for TE family ages, with recent family having high identity (few differences with the ancestral state), and allows the ordering of transposable element invasions of the pea aphid genome. Note that the repeat order “Others” (Table 1) is not shown here, and the y-axis is a log scale that emphasizes recent families.

Figure 6