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A Computational Framework for Ultrastructural Mapping of Neural Circuitry

Figure 6

Representative Tile Overlaps Randomly Selected from a 1,000-Tile Array

(A) A randomly selected region of rabbit retinal inner plexiform layer displaying parts of section number 105 containing 28 overlapping tiles. The overlaps are invisible at this magnification. Image width = 46.6 μm, M Müller cell processes.

(B) Randomly selected boxed region from (A) containing tile overlaps, width = 4.76 μm. Arrows indicate a corner region among four tiles. A pair of vesicles (circled) is enlarged in the inset at left showing a misalignment between upper and lower tiles (arrows) corresponding to 7.8 nm or roughly one-third vesicle. The four corner region (arrows) is enlarged in the inset at right, showing no significant misalignment. The shaded margins of each tile are due to image processing edge enhancements. Most tiles have no measurable misalignment. AC, AC terminal.

Figure 6