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A Computational Framework for Ultrastructural Mapping of Neural Circuitry

Figure 5

Recovery of Distortion Errors in Tile Overlaps with ir-fft and ir-grid-refine

(A and B) are mirror images of the transparent overlays of fully overlapping regions of two tiles, both with best alignment centers on a large mitochondrion (white spot). (A) was auto-registered by ir-translate and many membranes appear as double images (arrows) due to nonlinear image distortions between the image pairs.

(B) was registered with ir-grid-refine yielding improved membrane definition, even at very low magnification (resolution is about 5 nm/pixel, which accounts for the blurring). This is a worst-case scenario. With higher resolutions (more pixels) recovery is even more effective. The inset panels are high-pass 3 × 3-pixel filtered patches of the same region, showing severe moiré defects in (A). Scale = 2 μm.

Figure 5