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A New Approach for Using Genome Scans to Detect Recent Positive Selection in the Human Genome

Figure 6

Comparisons of the Major Allele Spectra between the iHS and Rsb Candidate Regions, and the Genetic Diversity Pattern in the SLC24A5 Region

(A and B) The frequency spectra of the major alleles for SNPs are compared between the iHS candidate regions (in blue) and the 100-kb regions around the centers of the Rsb candidate regions (in orange) in either (A) Europeans or (B) Chinese. Overlapping parts are in dark purple. For comparison, the corresponding major allele–frequency spectra for the whole genome are shown as black curves.

(C) shows, as an example, the genetic diversity pattern for the 200-kb region around the SLC24A5 gene in Africans (Afr; upper section) and in Europeans (Eur; lower section), from the HapMap phase I data. Rows denote individual chromosomes, and columns denote the SNP sites.

Figure 6