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Forest Elephant Crisis in the Congo Basin

Figure 3

Results of Fitting a Logistic Regression Model to Elephant and Human Presence/Absence Data for Each MIKE Survey Site Separately

Distance to road (in kilometres) was used as the explanatory variable (except for probability of elephant occurrence for Minkébé where modelling is not required due to an effective probability of 1). Elephant data are shown to the left, and human data to the right. The observations and regression lines are colour-coded by site, and the 95% confidence interval is indicated by the dotted lines. The probability of elephant occurrence is significantly related to distance to road for all sites except Minkébé and Salonga. Due to the imprecision in the data and other influences not captured by distance to road, the probability of human presence is only significantly related to distance to road for the Ndoki-Dzanga site for the separate site analyses.

Figure 3