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Linking Splicing to Pol II Transcription Stabilizes Pre-mRNAs and Influences Splicing Patterns

Figure 3

Functional Splice Sites Increase the Stability of Pol II Transcripts

(A) Diagrams of DNA templates for wt (top) and mutant β-globin minigenes. The X indicates abolished splice sites. (B) Representative autoradiograms of the transcription/splicing chase experiments for the wt substrate (left), the double 5′ and 3′ splice site mutant (ss M) (middle), the mutant substrate (middle), and the wt substrate in extracts depleted of functional U2 snRNA (right). (C) Average rates of degradation observed for the Pol II transcripts wt, 5′ ss M, 3′ ss M, the double 5′ and 3′ ss M, wt substrate in U2 snRNA depleted extract, and wt substrate in U5 snRNA depleted extract.

Figure 3