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Atypical Membrane Topology and Heteromeric Function of Drosophila Odorant Receptors In Vivo

Figure 4

OR-Independent Localization of OR83b to OSN Ciliated Dendrites

Immunostaining for OR22a/b (red) and GFP:OR83b (α-GFP, green) in antennal sections of control heterozygous (Or22a/bΔhalo/+;Or22a-Gal4/UAS-GFP:Or83b, top panels) and homozygous (Or22a/bΔhalo/Or22a/bΔhalo;Or22a-Gal4/UAS-GFP:Or83b, bottom panels) Or22a/b null-mutant animals. Images of control and mutant samples were taken at identical confocal settings to permit comparison of signal intensities.

Figure 4