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Primary Visual Cortex Activity along the Apparent-Motion Trace Reflects Illusory Perception

Figure 5

Attentional Modulation of Activity in hMT/V5+ in Experiment 2

Responses to the different conditions in experiment 2 for the region hMT/V5+ are shown. The bars designate percentage signal change of the peak response relative to baseline (see Materials and Methods). The hatched bars are activations from runs with passive viewing only, and the solid bars are from runs with center task. The static conditions—upper, middle, lower, and flicker—induced only low activation in hMT/V5+. In contrast, the response to apparent motion and real motion was higher, corresponding with the motion sensitivity of hMT/V5+. The attentional modulation of the responses was very strong. Under all conditions, the activity was smaller during runs with center task than during runs with passive viewing. Error bars correspond to standard errors of the mean.

Figure 5