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Self-Assembling Peptide Detergents Stabilize Isolated Photosystem Ion a Dry Surface for an Extended Time

Figure 1

Isolation of PS-I by Detergent Solubilization and Density-Gradient Centrifugation

(A) The final centrifugation step of the isolation protocol, the linear 0.1–1M sucrose gradients contain 0.02% Triton X-100. The detergent-solubilized (at 0.8% v/v Triton X-100) PS-I particles selectively aggregate upon entering the low Triton X-100 concentration of the gradient and sediment quickly relative to the other thylakoid proteins that remain at the top of the gradient.

(B) SDS-PAGE 18% slab gel lane containing the PS-I harvested from the 1M/2M interface as seen in (A). The region containing the LHCI is indicated.

Figure 1