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A week versus four hours

Posted by zfaulkes on 09 Mar 2010 at 17:06 GMT

The interest that the discipline “history of neuroscience” receives today among students and teachers of the neurosciences can be witnessed during the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting, where the rows reserved for posters on the topic are fully deserted, and serve as space for a quiet lunch rather than an information and discussion forum.

It is perhaps not fair to compare the History of Neuroscience posters to the regular posters at the annual Neuroscience meeting.

The history posters are up all week, so viewers have plenty of time to check them out. In contrast, regular data posters are up for half a day, so you have no other time to view them. It could be that a history of neuroscience poster may have more viewers than many regular posters, just spread out over a much longer period.

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