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Why some (Version 2.0) do NOT conform...

Posted by mapologist on 23 Feb 2010 at 20:23 GMT

Hypersocial (h.s.) members of Homo sapiens (H.s.) may be evolutionarily tuned to conform (Version 1.0), but some do not...
Conformity and Hypersociality (Excessive Theory of Minds) are not always evolutionarily "adaptive", but might also be mal-adaptive (take Hitler and his nationalsocial conformity seeking "mass" and "we-mode", for example).

Real scientists (at the border of social conformity) like Grigori Perelman (Leibniz, et al.) are not very "conformity seeking" and not very social, either.

Besides: I dream of a time when scientists will notice that there is really not much difference between a colony of "intelligently behaving [foreseeing]" bacteria (see Eshel ben Jacob et al. 2009) and "decision-making [foreseeing] humans", because all have turned out to follow some stabilized ESS (evolutionary stable strategies) or simply energetic minima (inbuilt in ALL physical systems on all levels).

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