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There are competing interests

Posted by jlkreiss on 30 Mar 2011 at 06:38 GMT

The authors of this article declared they had no competing interests and the funder (INRA) had no role in the study. It seems quite incorrect:

- At least two of the authors : Lemaire and Masson work at INRA and were part of the GM-grapevine-experience. One of them, Masson, is at the same time president of INRA-Colmar responsible for the experiment AND "moderator" for the "Local Monitoring Committee" (see Box 2). The so-called "Interactive technology assessment" experience may as a result be distorted leading to inexact conclusions.

- The funder (INRA) clearly had a role in study design, given that at least 2 of the authors are employees of INRA.

Competing interests declared: Citizen against GM-experiences in the fields (philosophical/ethical interests).
Part of the group who "neutralized" the GM-experiment in august 2010.