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I don't think this paper give the evidence that the ECs express dpp

Posted by starphage on 20 Apr 2012 at 17:06 GMT

Two points:
1,Fig4 F. qPCR.
If you use the whole ovary to do the qRCR, how can you demonstrate the change of dpp/gbb mRNA levels due to the change in the EC cells?
(1)Hedgehog signaling is not restricted in the EC cells, and Hh controls the cell division and patterning during oogenesis (Yan Zhang and Daniel Kalderon, 2000, Development).
(2)The majority of the dpp mRNA in not in the germarium region, but in the late stage of the egg chamber, especially in the centripetally migrating follicle cells (Vern Twombly et al. 1996, Development).

2. Sup. Fig6. pMad stainging
The pMad staining in the control panel (Sup. Fig6A) cannot demonstrate the staining in B and C works.

It is much easier to get only one side of the EC cell is smo mutant clone. So it will be very nice to show in the other side, with the wildtype EC cell, the germline stem cell is pMad positive. That's the internal control for your smo mutant EC cell clone.

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