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Protecting Forests and Slowing Climate Change

Posted by Thermoguy on 20 Mar 2010 at 06:23 GMT

Although temperature is a critical consideration in everything we do on the planet, academia of the world is literally blind to temperature. We calculate for it. My own double education in building engineering and electrical energy provision can calculate electron flow, we never got to see it.

We completed several years of advanced temperature research at molecular levels to find the cause of Urban Heat Islands and how billions in energy costs(emissions) are used responding to UHI.

The results contradicted our own education in the calculator because we imaged building and development being radiated instead of reflecting solar radiation as per building code. Solar radiated buildings were generating heat close to boiling temperature and the massive energy waste was used responding to symptoms without addressing the heat contributing to climate change.

On Christmas Day in 2009, building exteriors were over 120 deg. F on a 23 deg. F day without emissions produced. When we flew watersheds mapping for groundwater sources, forestry cut blocks were being radiated and generating atmospheric heat with tree or ground cover removal exposing the surface of the planet to solar radiation. Here is a link to show you infrared images including infrared time-lapsed videos of solar interaction with absorbent building materials. It isn't the way to represent forest products for development, we just couldn't see it before.

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