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Light scattering data

Posted by Gastonparis on 05 Mar 2013 at 18:55 GMT

The authors stated that the VicK protein is dimeric in solution. The evidence showed is size exclusion chromatography coupled to a light scattering detector. However, the data showed in figure 1B indicate that the VicK peak is polydisperse. The molecular weight trace (dotted line) goes from 60 to 100 kDa. This result suggest that the VicK protein in solution is in both forms: monomer and dimer, likely, cycling in fast equilibrium between this states.

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RE: Light scattering data

ahan replied to Gastonparis on 08 Mar 2013 at 01:28 GMT

This is a valuable comment. Our MALS data do suggest a mixed solution of monomers and dimers of VicK protein prep, however, we have not been able to obtain any other evidence. Only a single species of VicK appears in our native PAGE gel, as shown in supplementary figure 7s. Intriguingly, we failed in purifying heterodimeric VicK even after our intensive efforts. Therefore it is unclear to us whether there is any monomeric VicK in solution.

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