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Additional information on 2-deoxyglucose uptake patterns in subglomerular layers

Posted by pbio on 07 May 2009 at 22:21 GMT

Author: Rainer Friedrich
Position: PhD
Institution: Friedrich-Miescher-Institute, Basel, Switzerland
Additional Authors: Emre Yaksi, Benjamin Judkewitz
Submitted Date: January 07, 2008
Published Date: January 17, 2008
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In the introduction to our article "Topological reorganization of odor representations in the olfactory bulb" (PLoS Biol 5:e178, 2007), we briefly review previous results concerning the functional spatial organization of odor-evoked activity patterns in subglomerular layers of the olfactory bulb. After publication, we have been alerted to an article by Johnson et al. [1] that includes a comparison of 2-deoxyglucose uptake patterns evoked by different odors in the external plexiform and internal plexiform/superficial granule cell layers of the rat olfactory bulb. We recommend readers of our paper to consult this article because it contains background information relevant to our study and apologize if this work has not been represented appropriately in our introduction.

1. Johnson BA, Woo CC, Hingco EE, Pham KL, Leon M (1999) Multidimensional chemotopic responses to n-aliphatic acid odorants in the rat olfactory bulb. J Comp Neurol 409: 529-548.

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