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Reducing Exposure - A reply to Laurie Koch

Posted by pbio on 07 May 2009 at 22:18 GMT

Author: Liza Gross
Position: science writer
Institution: PLoS Biology
Submitted Date: June 29, 2007
Published Date: June 30, 2007
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As an individual, the easiest way to reduce exposure to bisphenol A is avoid food and beverage products packaged in plastics containing bisphenol A.

You can find out how to identify products that contain bisphenol A and how to find bisphenol A-free alternatives at the Bisphenol A Free web site (http://www.bisphenolafree...). In addition to providing tips for consumers, The Environmental Working Group ( also tracks new bisphenol A research and provides updates on proposed legislative and regulatory actions.

Watch for an upcoming essay (online July 17) for more on this topic.

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