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Dinosaurs of Kutch

Posted by Bhudia on 13 Jun 2012 at 15:06 GMT

Kutch Land of the Dinosaurs:- Though Kutch has many stories of dinosaurs fossil found, None of such specimen existing in Kutch and museum of Kutch except a Crocodilian fossil of Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan Museum of KUTCH.

1) Anjar Kt boundary area has dinosaur’s fossil history but none of the specimen preserved nor available to observe.
2) NW of the Kaur bet in the Rann of Kutch was drilled by Dr Biswas with findings of the Oldest of Dinosaurs (170 mn years) fossils. But again the specimens are not displayed in any part of Kutch /museum. Just become a told stories rather than a scientific research with specimen proofs. Land area is about 170Mn years Old and close by the KAURBET area where Dr Biswas has visited in kaurbet area for ONGC drilling and discovered specimens of 170Mn years Old dinosaur’s fossils.
3) A giant head of the dinosaur has been excavated during early 20th century from the KT boundary area between Dahisara an ASAMBIA. But has been transported out of country and now without trace. Even information has been lost.
4) Many egg fossil are claimed for dinosaurs eggs but without any geological study/proofs, On reality those are egg fossil of CROCODILIONs and not a dinosaurs egg fossil. As the area of finding belongs to area of finding of crocodilian fossils and not the dinosaur’s fossils.
5) Many of eggs and egg hatcheries are found in gunawari fosil area of gangeshwar domes are in fact turtle eggs and egg hatcheries.

Eastern Kutch Khadir and whole of the Great RANN of the Kutch - is also rich in the fossilised land area , wood fossils vegetative Fossils holds clues for origin of the life on the Earth itself. Chobari has fossilised marine and sea shore shell fossils. Suggesting the area lift up at a later stage than the main land Kutch. Ramvav Fossils of fresh water fishes and bones hold the clues for fresh water life later than the main land formation. And soon government will proceed to reserve such an area in three different parts, reserved Biosphere area, surrounded by research area and outer expiration visiting area. Anjar area having fossilised clues for dinosaurs.

RANN of the KUTCH and also border area. so prohibited for exploration. So we contacted the Military authority to assist us. They promised us to take us to escort to those places of KHADIR and BHANJADO Mountain and KAUR BAT for Dinosaurs fossils land of 180 Mn years old and also collaborate with us for scientific research.
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