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Darwin believed in Intelligent Design

Posted by yeruham on 14 Mar 2014 at 08:30 GMT

Those who are interested in this discussion may find it of further interest that Darwin, in his Origin of Species,
although not in some other, less painstakingly polished writings, clearly believed in intelligently designed creation by a Divine being. Darwin's scientific enemy was not intelligent design but the doctrine of the separate creation of each species and variety. Darwin, in Origin, moreover, did not accept the idea of chance, or of what is today called "randomness". Darwin also believed that the environment, or what he called "conditions of life", can cause
inheritable traits. I believe, moreover, that Darwin was not a Darwinist, and that those who believe that he was, do not study the Origin of Species carefully enough. I argue for my position in my recent article,
Leavitt FJ. Darwin’s doctrine of intelligent design: Science and religion. Human Biology Review 2(3), 254-262m 2013.
It is freely accessible at
Best wishes,
Frank Leavitt

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