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Science Integration That Really Works!

Posted by cjmalone on 20 Feb 2013 at 05:40 GMT

I am a high school science teacher always searching for more hands on activities to bring into my classroom. I have been to several summer workshops and although I have learned new methods to implement into my instruction none have been as exciting or as relevant as the Barcoding Life's Matrix program. It was during the training through Coastal Marine Biolabs that I began to realize that my students could actually have the opportunity to participate in "real science". My students could be involved in a historical endeavor where they are contributing to worldwide research. The laboratory workflow is easy to follow and makes sense. Students get it! Students have a vested interest from the beginning. We take time to learn the natural history of the fish species that will be sequenced then off we go into the labs. They are excited the whole way through the series from the DNA extraction to sending their amplicons off for sequencing. They cannot wait to see their sequences published in BOLD. It is an exciting time to be in science education! Finally, scientists are reaching out to science educators to bridge the learning gap. We can foster the development of scientifically literate students through programs like this one. Inquiry is the way to understanding! Thank you!

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